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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

So on the first day of March good old Wisconsin hands us a little blizzard! I have to admit it's pretty and for me I like it because this is the time of year when the snow is just dirty looking so this made everything nice and white again! Good thing I have my indoor gardens to keep my busy and boy did they ever keep my busy!

Happy to announce that the morning glories have been rescued from their captivity in the starter kit and moved to their very own little pots. Hopefully this will help them green up a bit and continue to grow so when spring finally does show up I will be able to plant them around my trellis.

In addition to the morning glories the tomatoes finally are moved, they were really starting to look a little sad. So again I hope this move gives them a little boost and they become strong and vibrant ready for the garden!

Well I can never leave a space open with nothing in it so I decided to throw in some radish seeds, just for fun. Just wanted to see if they will even pop up! If they do I think it would be pretty cool to have a fresh radish in a couple of weeks or more!

 Had to give a little update on the other two wacky things I have going. As you can see in the above picture the crystals are starting to grow, how exciting! However, the picture below shows a lonely little terrarium with no budding cacti yet. I moved them both out to the "artificial sun" area so hopefully that will do them both a little more good, the last couple of days have been rather dreary so the need for fake sun is pretty high! Just a quick note on the doll, no picture today maybe tomorrow due to getting her lashes done!

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