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Thursday, March 2, 2017

A new month is here and has been for a couple of days so I thought it was the right time to introduce the oil of the month. Peppermint! Not only does peppermint have a refreshing, cool, and minty smell it also has been known to help the body with respiratory problems, improve blood circulation, has a cooling effect for pain, fever, and hives, also can be rubbed on the temple and neck for headaches, stress, nausea, and dizziness( Using Essential Oils A Beginners Guide from This month I will add other uses for peppermint and also some great DIY recipes using this great oil!

Here is an update on the doll, she is nearly finished. However, I am not too pleased with the eye lashes. She still has to get her bottom lashes on and could really use some more hair, but I was out so just dealing with what I have. Her outfit is compliments of my grandmother who is a huge Minnie Mouse fan! My grandmother is also the proud owner of another doll that I made! Who knows maybe she will like this one more?

A quick peek at the tomatoes they are looking a lot better and starting to stand up a little more, I think they are happy with their freedom! Hopefully they will start to become even more hardy! I have been busy looking up lots of great homesteading information and will share that with you soon!

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