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Monday, March 13, 2017

What a busy Monday! I started out with a chiropractic appointment then went to Walmart for a few things and look what just popped in my cart this adorable little crate and two rainbow cacti! They were so dry and their roots were just bursting out of the little cup they were in. These are not the only little guys that were rescued today.

Look at this beauty! She was also extremely dry and very overgrown so now she was treated to a new pot and more soil! Room to grow! I was walking down the garden isle and found something else as well!

I found these adorable little kits, one is a purple cone-flower and the other is a daisy! The picture above shows the pellets absorbing the water only 1 tablespoon was needed.

Here is the finished flower kits! Are they adorable or what!!

Finally replanted some of the radishes, I'm just experimenting with this idea if it works I may be planting carrots and onions as well.

                                      Finished up today by making some Chicken.

                                             Some twice baked potatoes!

                                           And s'more pull apart bread!


  1. Look at you ~ Domestic Diva~ rocking that kitchen and garden.. be careful or your house will turn into mine, and you'll have a bazillion plants .

  2. I may be rocking with the plants but I think I am kicked out of the kitchen after yesterdays mess up!