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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What an awesome day of great finds! I was looking for just a few things today but to my great astonishment I found much more! This adorable little planter chair was only $12.99, what a great deal Then I also decided to go ahead and add three more beauts to the already flourishing indoor garden in this planter the Violet found its new home!

 The next great find was this awesome hanging planter! Oh do I have plans for this one, I plan to hang this in the kitchen and fill it with all the herbs I can!

Speaking of herbs these little guys are not the happiest, this is the third try with basil and parsley hopefully they will take and I think my cilantro is a little water logged only time will tell!

Introducing the second new addition this is a grafted cactus, isn't she just adorable. I just couldn't let her waste away so now she is home to stay!

The third and final addition for today at least is the fairy cactus! she had purple and pink flowers but by the time I got home and replanted her they were all gone. You should follow my blog to see if they come back!

                                   Rump Roast is in the oven, hoping it turns out well!

                                Baby yellow potatoes and carrots are boiling on the stove!

                                   Whats a meal without these scrumptious rolls!

                          And of course desert, a choice of pumpkin pie or apple cobbler or both!

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