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Monday, March 6, 2017

So excited this weekend we found a wonderful deal at Menard's! We had to go there in order to fix our bathroom fan that was broken and of course as long as we were there I had to check out the gardening isle and boy oh boy am I glad I did! Each little greenhouse in the above picture was only $4.99! and they are from one of my favorite companies dunecraft! I could hardly wait to get these little ones going so I will post below the pictures as I started them!

Each of the little greenhouses came with the seed packets and this round pod, Just add about 1.2-2 cups of water and within just a few minutes you have beautiful planting soil. With a little stirring and mixing to ensure all pieces are broken up I planted each and everyone of them.

Tomato was planted!

Mini Melons were planted!

                                                     Strawberries were planted!

                                             Sugar Baby Watermelon were planted!

All planted and have their spot next to the growing light!

Another great deal at Menard's only $4.99 each for these Himalayan Pink Salt. Great things can be made with these!!

A very dreary day and still dealing with some sickness around here. I decided what better way to get a more calming feel in the house then to diffuse a little peppermint! Ahhh! what a relief! 

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