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Friday, March 24, 2017

A quick update on our little chicks, this one here is posing for the camera! Unfortunately we lost one which is always a sad thing. They have now moved in to their larger home and will stay in this one until there new coop is ready and it's warmer outside.

This larger aquarium gives them the option to be right under the heat lamp or to cool down on the other side. Also being that it is much larger they have a little more room to move around!

Shabby chic updates include the bird house chimes are almost complete, and the other bird houses already found their spot in the indoor garden as you will be able to see in the picture below.

One little bird house is now in the banana plant and a little bird has taken it for its home. I also wrapped the bottom with string like the bow!

     The little pink bird house with the gingerbread on it has found it's home in the cactus.

This little bird house has been added to the indoor garden area and also found a little bird that would like to call it home. I added some of the string around the bottom for a little extra!

We have found that as a family we are really enjoying playing the game Clue. So each of us decided to paint little clipboards to hold our game sheets and cards.

Of course I had to shabby chic mine! My son and daughter both did one and we also painted one for dad! I was pleasantly surprised how much my kids enjoyed playing Clue!

Not forgetting about my oils! Not only did I make 6 bars of soap (which I forgot to take a picture of) I also made some more clay necklace/charm diffusers. Hopefully soon I will learn some new knotting techniques so I can get these all finished.


  1. That's a great picture of you little chic. I'm sorry you lost one :(
    Your projects are looking lovely.

  2. Thanks so much, yeah it was sad loosing the little one but hopefully these five will do ok!