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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Finally done with the Faith magnet and it actually sticks to the fridge! I added a little rose to the "i" so its more shabby chic! It's the little things in life that can make a person happy!

A few more shabby chic objects that I have almost done. I was able to add some roses to the cross as well and as you will see in the next picture I also added some decorations to the birdhouses!

Hopefully these flowers will stay on the birdhouses! Tomorrow I will add the string and hopefully be all done with these little crafts!

The indoor garden received a much needed overhaul today! Things were just not doing very well so had to replant some different things and realized between myself and my son we were drowning the poor plants. We talked about the need to communicate our watering schedule. Hopefully I transplanted them in time and they will still make it! However, some of the little seeds just could not take all the water so I had to take them out. They took one for the team. :(

Introducing the new additions, our five little chics is their fluffy cuteness! Now we really need to settle on the kind of coop we are going to have this year! So much fun stuff to think about!


  1. All you crafts are looking good, as is your garden in all it's blooming glory. Love the baby chics.. they are adorable. Do they have names?

  2. Thanks so much! They are nothing big or awesome like your crafts but it keeps me busy! Hopefully the rest of these little chicks will be ok.