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Monday, March 20, 2017

A little shabby chic find that I purchased at Goodwill over the weekend! Looks simply amazing on the buffet in the dining room! I've always loved these and someday maybe will get a life size one but until then this adorable little mini replica will do just fine!

You have to look very hard and maybe even use the zoom in button but there are little buds in the strawberry greenhouse! So excited, I was starting to get a little down because other plants do not seem to be doing so well, but this was a little sign that all is well and keep on trying! Hopefully this week with the kids being home on spring break we will be able to give the indoor garden a much needed overhaul!

For the first time in about three years our weird and wild cactus has little blooms on it! We were really surprised this poor thing has been replanted and moved so many times we really thought it was dead.

However, it had other plans, and we are starting to see these little blooms all over the cactus! Not even really sure what it is. We were out for one of our family walks years back and found it we thought it was so interesting we dug it up and brought it home, and now it continues to surprise us!

I'm going a little shabby chic crazy with this paint!  I just love the results! The colors are so pretty and just the color scheme that I love! I added the color Ivory today and was pleased with it's results on some of the pieces, I have more wooden jars for my sister to stamp, some flowers, bird houses, and of course the large jar and terracotta planter both received their second coats of paint. The cross is also a new addition and there is one flower that is not the shabby chic color but someone I know loves daisies so I think she is getting that one!

Whats a day without a little soap? Made some lemon goat milk soap today to add to the collection! So far I am really enjoying this soap making craft! of course I used doTerra's lemon essential oil


  1. Yay.. for the berries.. and the cactus buds.. that's super exciting.. and I LOVE daisies ♥

  2. Remember to act surprised on your birthday! Thanks!