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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Garden update! The other day my husband brought home this unique terrarium!! Right now it is housing our parsley plant and looks like it's pretty happy with it's new home. Other things are starting to pop up so that is a good thing and hopefully I will have updated pictures of those later!

A little bit of garden and shabby chic update here, this is the pot that I painted and the winter-berry plant not looking the best but also not looking the worst, it has been improving and I hope that it stays that way! One more coat of paint should do it!

Another little shabby chic update, the bird house chimes are all done! Now I just have to find a place to put them! Can't wait for spring to come so I can get outdoors and find just the right spot for these little cuties!

A couple chick pictures so you can see how much they are growing! They are doing really well and just love their heating lamp!

Caught this little one just as she was falling asleep, I think she is really enjoying the warmth of the heating lamp!

        This little gal was very interested in the camera! I think she was striking up a pose!

   I'm not sure what this little gal was trying to do, maybe see how far she could stretch her neck?

   Then we have Miss Molly a mother to all, here she sits protecting her little brood, meanwhile.....

Maddie is exhausted from going to the vet and her little walk, and Chewie, well he's Chewie who knows what he is thinking!


  1. Super cute chick pictures. Love the painted pot. The fur family is looking good.

  2. Very informative and great pictures