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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So here is the little shutter in all it's glory! I found some awesome shabby chic accessories to add, I think this will work well when showcasing the oil of the month. I am trying to make a collection of items so when it comes time to do a show, party, or have a class I will be more prepared and just have to pack the items up!

I was so excited when I received my planner for my doTerra business. There is a lot to do and so much to learn but I am excited about this journey and feel that this may be the right time for me to focus on something as positive and helpful as doTerra essential oils!

So this is the awesome PIPES that I can do daily to help my in my journey with my doTerra business, P=Prepare, I=Invite, P=Present, E=Enroll, S=Support. I really enjoy these reminders every day, I really feel that doTerra offers you great materials to learn and I must say I love learning about essential oils!

So as you can see I have been working out times, dates, and would like to add a party/class if anyone is interested! I am excited to say you wont be disappointed!

           These are the steps to take to qualify for higher levels and I am going to achieve this!

This is the end GOAL!! I am going to make this, I don't know how, or when but I am determined that this will eventually be all filled in! You can be a part of making this dream come true in addition to making a dream of your own come true as well, whether that be just paying wholesale for your oils, or creating a team of your own and getting your oils that you use paid for. This is a wonderful company with extremely awesome products check out my store for yourself at,


  1. Great shutter display, and your planner rocks!

  2. Thanks so much! You know I have a way you could get a great planner as well! lol!:)