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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A couple indoor garden updates. My son brought home this adorable spider plant. He is taking an Advanced horticulture class and this is one of ten plants that he gets to bring home! Always exciting to welcome a new plant into the family!

  Awesome news here! The watermelon greenhouse has life! Two little buds are peaking through!

You have to look hard but in the middle a little to the left if a bud, finally this terrarium is producing something!

A few samples of my wood burning practice boards, I love doing this but forgot how out of practice I am. Good thing I bought a couple packages of these little round boards!

Great news! I am in the craft fair, so I guess I better stay busy making more diffuser necklaces, backpack tags, car fresheners and more.

A friend of mine purchased this one picking out the colors and I also added extra string just in case she would like it longer. The ones up above do not have the fastener on them they are just tied. I thought  I'd only make a few with fasteners or if someone wanted them then I can always add them!

    So excited this is the craft fair that I will be in and my sister too! This should be so much fun!


  1. Wow they look beautiful. How can I get some

  2. Wow they look beautiful. How can I get some

  3. Your indoor garden is looking great, as is your craft fair items. Should be lots of fun. hopefully we will sell out with our products, perhaps even get orders.. wink wink..