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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Well the peas have been planted in their new home! I was able to find some old chicken wire, cut it to fit in the box and then carefully transplanted the peas in! Wow were they rooted! Those poor roots were screaming for a new home. So hopefully they will enjoy their new place and continue to grow!

I could not leave all that open space in the middle so I planted some carrots! Yep that's right I'm actually going to see if I can get some carrots to grow inside!! I also had some new sprouts coming up in the flower area!

You may have to really zoom in to see these little sprouts but they are there! At first I thought it was just the morning glories but on further inspection I spotted these little guys. So excited to see some more sprouts!

Tomorrow these poor tomatoes will be getting their new home! They are really looking pretty hardy so I think it is about time they get their individual spots so their roots can expand as well! I also had help to day from my son he planted his Carolina Reaper peppers and hopefully they will take off soon. He's a great gardener and the proud owner of his very own banana tree right here in WI! we have several little sprouts from his banana tree that we have replanted so now we can have more! Not only does he enjoy working with plants around the house, he loves the greenhouses and also took a class at his high school where he works in the school greenhouse as well. We just love growing things as a family! Hopefully you will follow the blog and see all the updates of our growing, and even some of our family fun trips!!

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