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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Gardening inside has its ups and downs, the down side is my fur friends. Sad to say I found this poor parsley pot in my German Shepherds kennel. I have since replanted seeds, but these are old seeds and not sure they will take off. I will give them a little bit to see what happens. Also Miss Molly had a stern warning to stay away from the plants. Hopefully this weekend we will be able to get some new seeds just in case these ones do not take off.
I am extremely blessed  by my very talented sister! She has given me such a wonderful birthday gift. First she gave me three mirrors that will go lovely with my shabby chic look. She also gave me two books, one is about the stories behind Christmas songs Love it! The other is a daily devotional that you can color, Yes I am one of those adults that finds coloring so liberating probably due to the fact I lack all other talents in the crafty area! Then she made me the most adorable little bird cages with handmade birds in them! She is so awesome. If you have not followed her blog you should give it a try just simply click on the word blog above and that link should take you right to her very crafty page.

Looking up more great ways to use Melaleuca I found this site called redefinedmom that has a lot of great tips! Just click on the above name and enjoy a very interesting site! Lots of great information!

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