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Friday, February 3, 2017

I am so excited, went to water the indoor garden and what to my wondering eyes should appear? That's right...SPROUTS! What a glorious sight on this very cold February afternoon! I have been doing some reading for upcoming blogs and was tossing up the idea of free range chickens for the garden the pros and cons. Maybe you could leave a comment on what you think about adding chickens to the backyard garden.

Just love having an Aloe plant, however this big guy really needs to be replanted and spaced out a bit, What a lovely gift a little Aloe plant would make for loved ones on Valentines Day, I better get started and also get some small planters for them. Dollar Tree here I come!

I wanted to give myself a treat today after having physical therapy and still trying to heal I decided to use my diffusser and add a couple drops of Frankincense. I usually would never use the King of oils in such a fashion but today I thought I needed a little bit of pampering!  In reality my whole family will actually benefit from this, because the whole room has the wonderful aroma of Frankincense!


  1. yay for sprouts!! and I say yes to chickens, that would be grand. Does the diffusser help permeate the entire room?

  2. I agree with the chickens I think they would make a great addition to the garden! Yes the diffuser does make the whole room smell great!