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Monday, February 27, 2017

Just wanted to share with everyone that over the past weekend marked my one month blogiversary! I missed a couple of days last week due to the lovely chronic pain and back injury but hopefully healing is on its way or at least I feel like I can at least blog again! With that being said I decided to add a couple fun things to the blog. There are the usual updates and at the end you will see I decided to use some of the science experiments that I had from teaching and will show the progress as time goes by. Having a lot of my teaching things at home and knowing I can't be there with my students due to my  injury does create a great deal of sadness for me so for now my bog will also be my teaching area! Have to make lemonade out of lemons!

I just could not help myself, I had to add another picture of these gorgeous pea pods! I really need to brainstorm on a way to keep them climbing as you can see the ones in the back are starting to lean. I can't wait to see how these progress once I figure out how to keep them climbing.

Look what else popped up over the weekend, my Morning Glories! I am a little concerned about them as they are not looking the healthiest it may be time to put them in some pots as well. However, I will need to buy some first because I need the kind that you can plant right in the ground. I have a perfect spot for these morning glories right in our front yard on a trellis below our kitchen window! Oh just the thought of getting outside again and planting makes me so happy!


Here is the first little experiment that I decided to do. This is a little micro terrarium that comes with everything you need to grow your very own cacti! How fun is that! So make sure you come back to see how this little cacti is doing.

 Here is the last little experiment that I have! With this one we can grow our very own crystals! We love rocks around our house and many times go to different great lakes in search of agates and other great rocks and minerals. So when I saw this little kit I thought for sure my class would love it. However, I can't be there and I don't want to wait any longer so now all my followers can make sure to check back and see the progress of our growing crystal! Below are the steps it takes to grow your own crystal!

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