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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Having a great time with the gardening in the house! Just love getting the chance to plant! Could not spend a whole lot of time with the gardening today because I am also in the process of re-borning! (A reborn doll is a manufactured skin doll that has been transformed by a reborn artist to resemble a human infant with as much realism as possible.) Wikipedia
 I just started the process today and it takes a while, but I will do my best to keep you updated!

I washed all my brushes to make sure that they are all clean and ready to go, washed the kit, and began the mottling 
To mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors.
1. spot or blotch of color.
2. variegated pattern, as on marble.
(Free Online Dictionary)

It's been a few years since I have made a doll so hopefully I will be able to do this kit justice! Shout out to Bountiful Babies for making such great kits! I tried taking pictures that show the kit but also keeping in mind that not everyone is ok with the look of an unfinished doll. So please come back and check the progress!


  1. ooohh.. the seed packs make me think SPRING.. Can't wait to see the "baby steps" along the way as you make the baby doll.

    1. Hope you enjoy the update on the "baby steps" thanks for following and all your help!