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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I can not imagine having backyard chickens with out some Silkies! The silkie breed of chickens have fluffy plumage and are so soft to the touch, some say it even feels like satin or silk. Guess that's probably how they came up with their name.( Wikipedia ) We have had silkies in the past and they make for great pets, they do lay eggs, they are on the smaller side. They are just adorable and friendly! 

The other breed that we enjoy is the Cochin Chicken, a larger chicken than the silkie but what a friendly breed this flock can be, they love to follow you around the yard they produce eggs, and can become close to the owner again another good breed for a pet chicken. These are also the ones that take the dust baths and are such fun to watch! 

Keeping chickens entertained seems simple enough but there are a lot of great ideas out there to help make your backyard into a fun and active place for your chickens. I found this image on Google Images and thought it was way to cute not to share. 

Another great idea for the back yard. Providing a perching place for them is another great way to keep them entertained 

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