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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Googled some ideas for chicken coops using the idea of already having a dog kennel and how we would be able to incorporate what we already have into something more useful and also something to keep our little flock safe. The only thing is I want them to be able to be free range in the garden area so still working on how to make that a little more secure. I guess we could just make sure that at night they are in their little house and during the day can be either in or out!

I just thought these would work very well to keep the feed in and also be able to go inside and collect the eggs, and clean the coop. A lesson from our last coop, build it so you can stand inside. Many hot humid summer days were spent cleaning the coop on hands and knees and that was dirty to say the least, also a bit hard on the back! So I think having one that you can walk inside of and take care of business would benefit both the flock and us! I will keep you update as we get closer to summer so please follow!

I was so excited to see these tiny little sprouts of Thyme coming up. You have to look close or maybe even use the zoom button but they are there!!

I also needed to share this picture of my little pea pods starting to sprout! I was overjoyed! They have all had a rough start as our little fur family thinks its a good idea to knock them off the table and to dig in them. We had to rearrange some of the tables to make it so the little darlings can't get up on them so I think they are safe for now. So I was very pleased to see that some of the seeds that I planted have grown. Make sure to follow and see their progression
I just wanted to add that Melaleuca is known to have 12 times the power of phenol and also has strong immune-building properties (Modern Essentials Sixth Edition). So don't forget your oils!!


  1. Such a cool idea, using a persons already available resources for a coop.. That's awesome.. we have the 12 x 6 dog kennel still.. so that might be a possibility for us.. Plus it's roofed.

  2. See you are ready to go, we don't even have a roof yet!