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Friday, September 15, 2017

Well it seems like just yesterday I was waiting for the kids to get off the bus on their last day. Now we are already back in school and only a couple of weeks left of September. Where does the time go? However, we did have a pretty good summer, we were able to plant some things in our garden and actually get a few raspberries from our plants so that was good! The above picture is the petunias that we got from Hoffman's Greenhouse. Below I will share some pictures of the few things that came up in the garden.


                                                      A few pumpkins for this fall!


                                                           Lots of peppers!                                                      

Some Zucchini which I actually used to make some bread!

                                                                 Tons of Tomatoes!

                                                           Even a baby watermelon!

 Not only did my kids help out but the ladies have taken it as their responsibility to help weed!! However, sometimes the red hot peppers were missing I think these two ladies like spicy food!

         Our Raspberries! We got a few but again I think the ladies got a few more than we did!

The Ladies like to follow me around the yard, and when we open the back door they come running in hopes that we have brought along some bread! (we usually do!)

Always love seeing the morning glories! 

Have been making a lot of beef jerky goes way to fast in this house and boy does that little machine heat up a room, looks like I will be doing even more in the winter to help stay warm!

And of course still trying to craft. I'm redoing this one but thought I'd add a picture just so you all can see the Tea Cup Fairy Garden faze that I am now going through.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my blog, hopefully you will subscribe and find out what is going to keep me busy for the next couple of months!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

A quick update on some of the indoor greenhouse items, These cacti are growing by leap and bounds! The little sprouts are almost as big as the originals!

Finally some green sprouts coming up in the mini melon greenhouse! Super excited about these!

Also the watermelons are coming along very nicely too! They are getting very large and might need to take the lids off soon, however the dogs seem to have a "thing" for climbing up on the tables and going through my plants so I am very nervous about that!

I was so excited to have a soap order so I wanted to post the picture of what it looked like before I sent it out, I sure hope the recipient is happy with the product!

A shabby chic update, my business card holders are ready to go! Just waiting for the craft fair!

This may look a little messy, but just wanted to share my bag that is packed for the craft fair! It's really coming up fast!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

So excited to see things starting to turn green around the yard. This is a wild rose bush that I received from my mother in law. She had a huge one in her front yard so I am so glad to see that mine is doing well!

Another beautiful beginning, a friend gave me a whole bunch of day lilies, I am so grateful for them because it will give me a great memory of her. We worked together for 4+years and she became a super good friend I will miss working with her so much!

A little more shabby chic painting, I saw these adorable little jars used for holding business cards and thought it would work very well for the craft fair! Very excited about the craft fair it is coming up really fast!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wanted to share a few photos of the family. A week ago we went to the Dells of Eue Claire. It was very pretty, I think this is going to be one of the places we go during the fall season, I imagine the colors are breathtaking!

The kids enjoyed the time we spent there, but because it was a spur of the moment thing we were not really prepared so that was a little uncomfortable.

The falls were pretty busy, and being that I could not walk well on the uneven ground I was elected to take pictures!

    They made it up to the top peak, and I was able to get a clear shot of all of them!!

Garden update:  These wild cacti that we found are growing by leaps and bounds, which is good because the poor indoor garden has been a bit neglected after getting the R.V.

This is another plant that my son brought home from school, I feel like it should be on that movie "Little Shop of Horrors" Its an aloe but I have never seen one so huge and thick and also prickly!

He also brought home this little bundle of joy with three different plants in it! So excited to transplant them, Hopefully, soon I will be able to be back on track with everything,

A little shabby chic update, I have decided to use this pen holder for the craft fair and have been working on the crepe paper flowers to go on the pens!

Speaking of the craft fair, a little essential oil update, I made six more batches of diffusers to sell at the craft fair! I have been packing my items up for the craft fair and hopefully will have a mock set up to make sure I have everything that I need!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

A couple indoor garden updates. My son brought home this adorable spider plant. He is taking an Advanced horticulture class and this is one of ten plants that he gets to bring home! Always exciting to welcome a new plant into the family!

  Awesome news here! The watermelon greenhouse has life! Two little buds are peaking through!

You have to look hard but in the middle a little to the left if a bud, finally this terrarium is producing something!

A few samples of my wood burning practice boards, I love doing this but forgot how out of practice I am. Good thing I bought a couple packages of these little round boards!

Great news! I am in the craft fair, so I guess I better stay busy making more diffuser necklaces, backpack tags, car fresheners and more.

A friend of mine purchased this one picking out the colors and I also added extra string just in case she would like it longer. The ones up above do not have the fastener on them they are just tied. I thought  I'd only make a few with fasteners or if someone wanted them then I can always add them!

    So excited this is the craft fair that I will be in and my sister too! This should be so much fun!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Garden update! The other day my husband brought home this unique terrarium!! Right now it is housing our parsley plant and looks like it's pretty happy with it's new home. Other things are starting to pop up so that is a good thing and hopefully I will have updated pictures of those later!

A little bit of garden and shabby chic update here, this is the pot that I painted and the winter-berry plant not looking the best but also not looking the worst, it has been improving and I hope that it stays that way! One more coat of paint should do it!

Another little shabby chic update, the bird house chimes are all done! Now I just have to find a place to put them! Can't wait for spring to come so I can get outdoors and find just the right spot for these little cuties!

A couple chick pictures so you can see how much they are growing! They are doing really well and just love their heating lamp!

Caught this little one just as she was falling asleep, I think she is really enjoying the warmth of the heating lamp!

        This little gal was very interested in the camera! I think she was striking up a pose!

   I'm not sure what this little gal was trying to do, maybe see how far she could stretch her neck?

   Then we have Miss Molly a mother to all, here she sits protecting her little brood, meanwhile.....

Maddie is exhausted from going to the vet and her little walk, and Chewie, well he's Chewie who knows what he is thinking!