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Thursday, March 30, 2017

A couple indoor garden updates. My son brought home this adorable spider plant. He is taking an Advanced horticulture class and this is one of ten plants that he gets to bring home! Always exciting to welcome a new plant into the family!

  Awesome news here! The watermelon greenhouse has life! Two little buds are peaking through!

You have to look hard but in the middle a little to the left if a bud, finally this terrarium is producing something!

A few samples of my wood burning practice boards, I love doing this but forgot how out of practice I am. Good thing I bought a couple packages of these little round boards!

Great news! I am in the craft fair, so I guess I better stay busy making more diffuser necklaces, backpack tags, car fresheners and more.

A friend of mine purchased this one picking out the colors and I also added extra string just in case she would like it longer. The ones up above do not have the fastener on them they are just tied. I thought  I'd only make a few with fasteners or if someone wanted them then I can always add them!

    So excited this is the craft fair that I will be in and my sister too! This should be so much fun!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Garden update! The other day my husband brought home this unique terrarium!! Right now it is housing our parsley plant and looks like it's pretty happy with it's new home. Other things are starting to pop up so that is a good thing and hopefully I will have updated pictures of those later!

A little bit of garden and shabby chic update here, this is the pot that I painted and the winter-berry plant not looking the best but also not looking the worst, it has been improving and I hope that it stays that way! One more coat of paint should do it!

Another little shabby chic update, the bird house chimes are all done! Now I just have to find a place to put them! Can't wait for spring to come so I can get outdoors and find just the right spot for these little cuties!

A couple chick pictures so you can see how much they are growing! They are doing really well and just love their heating lamp!

Caught this little one just as she was falling asleep, I think she is really enjoying the warmth of the heating lamp!

        This little gal was very interested in the camera! I think she was striking up a pose!

   I'm not sure what this little gal was trying to do, maybe see how far she could stretch her neck?

   Then we have Miss Molly a mother to all, here she sits protecting her little brood, meanwhile.....

Maddie is exhausted from going to the vet and her little walk, and Chewie, well he's Chewie who knows what he is thinking!

Friday, March 24, 2017

A quick update on our little chicks, this one here is posing for the camera! Unfortunately we lost one which is always a sad thing. They have now moved in to their larger home and will stay in this one until there new coop is ready and it's warmer outside.

This larger aquarium gives them the option to be right under the heat lamp or to cool down on the other side. Also being that it is much larger they have a little more room to move around!

Shabby chic updates include the bird house chimes are almost complete, and the other bird houses already found their spot in the indoor garden as you will be able to see in the picture below.

One little bird house is now in the banana plant and a little bird has taken it for its home. I also wrapped the bottom with string like the bow!

     The little pink bird house with the gingerbread on it has found it's home in the cactus.

This little bird house has been added to the indoor garden area and also found a little bird that would like to call it home. I added some of the string around the bottom for a little extra!

We have found that as a family we are really enjoying playing the game Clue. So each of us decided to paint little clipboards to hold our game sheets and cards.

Of course I had to shabby chic mine! My son and daughter both did one and we also painted one for dad! I was pleasantly surprised how much my kids enjoyed playing Clue!

Not forgetting about my oils! Not only did I make 6 bars of soap (which I forgot to take a picture of) I also made some more clay necklace/charm diffusers. Hopefully soon I will learn some new knotting techniques so I can get these all finished.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Finally done with the Faith magnet and it actually sticks to the fridge! I added a little rose to the "i" so its more shabby chic! It's the little things in life that can make a person happy!

A few more shabby chic objects that I have almost done. I was able to add some roses to the cross as well and as you will see in the next picture I also added some decorations to the birdhouses!

Hopefully these flowers will stay on the birdhouses! Tomorrow I will add the string and hopefully be all done with these little crafts!

The indoor garden received a much needed overhaul today! Things were just not doing very well so had to replant some different things and realized between myself and my son we were drowning the poor plants. We talked about the need to communicate our watering schedule. Hopefully I transplanted them in time and they will still make it! However, some of the little seeds just could not take all the water so I had to take them out. They took one for the team. :(

Introducing the new additions, our five little chics is their fluffy cuteness! Now we really need to settle on the kind of coop we are going to have this year! So much fun stuff to think about!

Monday, March 20, 2017

A little shabby chic find that I purchased at Goodwill over the weekend! Looks simply amazing on the buffet in the dining room! I've always loved these and someday maybe will get a life size one but until then this adorable little mini replica will do just fine!

You have to look very hard and maybe even use the zoom in button but there are little buds in the strawberry greenhouse! So excited, I was starting to get a little down because other plants do not seem to be doing so well, but this was a little sign that all is well and keep on trying! Hopefully this week with the kids being home on spring break we will be able to give the indoor garden a much needed overhaul!

For the first time in about three years our weird and wild cactus has little blooms on it! We were really surprised this poor thing has been replanted and moved so many times we really thought it was dead.

However, it had other plans, and we are starting to see these little blooms all over the cactus! Not even really sure what it is. We were out for one of our family walks years back and found it we thought it was so interesting we dug it up and brought it home, and now it continues to surprise us!

I'm going a little shabby chic crazy with this paint!  I just love the results! The colors are so pretty and just the color scheme that I love! I added the color Ivory today and was pleased with it's results on some of the pieces, I have more wooden jars for my sister to stamp, some flowers, bird houses, and of course the large jar and terracotta planter both received their second coats of paint. The cross is also a new addition and there is one flower that is not the shabby chic color but someone I know loves daisies so I think she is getting that one!

Whats a day without a little soap? Made some lemon goat milk soap today to add to the collection! So far I am really enjoying this soap making craft! of course I used doTerra's lemon essential oil

Thursday, March 16, 2017

So excited to share that the little tomato greenhouse has some plants starting to pop up! The other greenhouses are still bare but hopefully soon we will have some updates!

This morning I made another batch of soap. I used doTerra wild orange! Smells very fresh and uplifting!

                Here is the wild orange goat milk soap all packaged and ready to go! I really enjoy the packaging part of all of this, I think they turned out pretty cute!

    A couple shabby chic updates the mug is all finished and I added some flowers to the front. This will find a spot right in the living room by the lamp, really enjoying these shabby chic colors good thing I purchased small bottles or I may have painted everything! Hopefully tomorrow I will have the little birdhouse all finished up!

The little wooden jars are almost complete, just have to add some magnets to the back and they will be as good as done! Can't wait to teach a class so I can give these out for gifts!

Another oily project, I started making some pendant diffusers, car diffusers also some beads and accent pieces. So for these to work all you have to do is choose essential oils  that you would like add a drop to the piece and you are good to go! Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get out and get the leather cords and fasteners so these will be complete before the weekend!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The indoor garden is just booming! The radishes are loving their new home, and as you can see in the picture they are reaching for that artificial sunlight! Not sure whats happening with the seed starter kit behind the radishes though, nothing seems to be popping up yet. I think I will give it another week or two and then go with something new! Can't be holding up the space if nothing is going to grow!!

A little shabby chic update, I put the last coat of paint on the large jar on the right and the mug, also the Faith sign and wooden bottles received their last coat of paint. Then I went a little painting crazy I started another large jar, that is on the left and has it's first coat of paint.

Then I found an old terracotta planter and thought this needs an update, and also started on the bird house. So much fun turning everything shabby chic!

I also am proud to say that I found the goats milk soap kit and molds at Michael's yesterday and this morning I was able to cut them and prepare to make my fist batch of soap!

This kit made it so easy, all you have to do is cut the desired amount put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, then stir and put it back in the microwave for 10 more seconds, repeating this until it's completely melted then add your choice of essential oils, I went with my doTerra Lavender for a nice calming bar. Then pour the mixture in to the mold and wait for 40 minutes or if you are like me until you have become so busy doing other stuff you forgot about it and once you remember carefully pop the soap out of the mold.

Here are the finished products! Four bars of goat milk, lavender soap. I can't wait to give these as gifts or prizes at the next doTerra class!

Presentation is everything right?  I had fun looking through some of my craft drawers to find something that would look nice, fresh, and springy. I think they turned out pretty cute!
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

So here is the little shutter in all it's glory! I found some awesome shabby chic accessories to add, I think this will work well when showcasing the oil of the month. I am trying to make a collection of items so when it comes time to do a show, party, or have a class I will be more prepared and just have to pack the items up!

I was so excited when I received my planner for my doTerra business. There is a lot to do and so much to learn but I am excited about this journey and feel that this may be the right time for me to focus on something as positive and helpful as doTerra essential oils!

So this is the awesome PIPES that I can do daily to help my in my journey with my doTerra business, P=Prepare, I=Invite, P=Present, E=Enroll, S=Support. I really enjoy these reminders every day, I really feel that doTerra offers you great materials to learn and I must say I love learning about essential oils!

So as you can see I have been working out times, dates, and would like to add a party/class if anyone is interested! I am excited to say you wont be disappointed!

           These are the steps to take to qualify for higher levels and I am going to achieve this!

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