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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Winter berry also called Gaultheria Procumbens is a creeping wintergreen ideal for ground cover. It's leaves are dense and glossy looking, turning a reddish hue towards fall.In June this luscious little plant will produce white to pink flowers then later turning to the red berries as seen in ours which is in our indoor garden area. These berries are edible. speaking of the indoor garden, today I was able get the tomatoes planted in addition to cucumbers, peas, thyme, and lavender. I also added this adorable little planter as seen in the picture below, Giving a shout out to Family Dollar for providing such a lovely little addition for our indoor garden! Please follow this blog so you can see just what happening with our indoor garden and what we will be featuring next!
To help your body focus energy and to help with concentration while also helping your body by easing restlessness, irritability  and much more use the king of oils Frankincense use with a diffuser give your entire family the same benefits!Shout out to doTerra for their great oils!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Pretty excited about today! I was able to put together this little shelf and also do a little shabby chic decorating, With the help of my sister I realized I have always loved this kind of decor. So you can just imagine how my pinterest board is starting to overflow with all things shabby chic! Would like to give a shout out to Michael's they have a wonderful selection shabby chic decor! I was able to find the most perfect little tin for our parsley plant as soon as we were home my daughter made sure to get the chalk out and write the name of the plant on the chalk board label. I am thinking this will be the first of many adorable little tins. The indoor greenhouse area is coming along very well we have added a few more seeds and hope that soon we will be ale to start seeing the growth! So make sure you follow and come back often to see whats "popping" up around here!

After looking on google for another image of Frankincense, I came across this beautiful tree. If you ever wondered where Frankincense comes from well here is your answer. This tree is called Boswellia sacra and Boswellia carteri.  In order to get frankincense the sap from the tree needs to be extracted and harden which takes a few days. 
The Frankincense that I use is from doTerra, I have tried other brands but must say I find myself dedicated to the doTerra brand. So a shout out to doTerra for making one of the best essential oils available to use. Frankincense is uplifting, healing, and can also aid the body in reducing stretch marks, scarring, and acne, Using a diffuser and a few drops of Frankincense might possibly make your entire home feel relaxed and less stressed!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Our newest arrival for our indoor greenhouse! We have just added a new Parsley plant to the already growing area in the room which we call the center,  It is called that because for 10 years we did own and operate a daycare center from there, now instead we have a large room we call the center and Toby our middle son is turning into his greenhouse. The benefits of growing plants and your own food are astronomical! There is great satisfaction when you realize what you are eating is something you have grown.  We are so excited for spring to come so we can start working in the yard, but for now the center will have to do. We ensure that our plants have enough sun even on these dreary Wisconsin days by providing them with a "Happy Light". Yes that's right we use artificial sunlight and it works rather well for our indoor greenhouse. You may be surprised to see how much we have growing and what exactly we have growing, so please check back in as we share our green delights with you!! If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to comment and I will do my very best to answer them.

My plan is to devote one Month for each oil, however being that Frankincense is like the king of oils I may spend just a bit more time on this particular oil. Some of the key uses for Frankincense is to help your body take care of itself by aiding in respiratory issues, emotional needs, and also promotes wound healing as well as reducing inflammation. You can find out even more by going to doTerra's website. I use doTerra, I feel it is the best oil out there and Frankincense is definitely a family favorite!  In weeks to come I will share how  my family has benefited from the use of oils and also some ideas for share but for now I just want to share the joy I find in using oils! There's no doubt in my mind that essential oils are definitely a gift from God!
Make sure to check back as I plan to add even more information about Frankincense and also some  DIY projects that are not only great for personal use but make wonderful gifts too!
image of Frankincense from the following link:

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

On a dreary day such as the one we are now having my mind, body, and soul is refreshed in knowing that one day soon  we will soon be able to work in the greenhouses! Nothing dilutes a bad mood faster than the smell of dirt, getting your hands in some soil and know that with God's help soon our plants will be thriving!

After working hard relaxing with essential oils seems to calm the body and the mind! one of my favorite oils to use is Frankincense, it is the go to oil for just about anything! no wonder it was gifted to baby Jesus by the wise men!!