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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Winter berry also called Gaultheria Procumbens is a creeping wintergreen ideal for ground cover. It's leaves are dense and glossy looking, turning a reddish hue towards fall.In June this luscious little plant will produce white to pink flowers then later turning to the red berries as seen in ours which is in our indoor garden area. These berries are edible. speaking of the indoor garden, today I was able get the tomatoes planted in addition to cucumbers, peas, thyme, and lavender. I also added this adorable little planter as seen in the picture below, Giving a shout out to Family Dollar for providing such a lovely little addition for our indoor garden! Please follow this blog so you can see just what happening with our indoor garden and what we will be featuring next!
To help your body focus energy and to help with concentration while also helping your body by easing restlessness, irritability  and much more use the king of oils Frankincense use with a diffuser give your entire family the same benefits!Shout out to doTerra for their great oils!


  1. Good information as always ♥ I like your font choice.

  2. Thank you! Just sharing what I'm learning!