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Friday, January 27, 2017

Our newest arrival for our indoor greenhouse! We have just added a new Parsley plant to the already growing area in the room which we call the center,  It is called that because for 10 years we did own and operate a daycare center from there, now instead we have a large room we call the center and Toby our middle son is turning into his greenhouse. The benefits of growing plants and your own food are astronomical! There is great satisfaction when you realize what you are eating is something you have grown.  We are so excited for spring to come so we can start working in the yard, but for now the center will have to do. We ensure that our plants have enough sun even on these dreary Wisconsin days by providing them with a "Happy Light". Yes that's right we use artificial sunlight and it works rather well for our indoor greenhouse. You may be surprised to see how much we have growing and what exactly we have growing, so please check back in as we share our green delights with you!! If you have any ideas or questions please feel free to comment and I will do my very best to answer them.

My plan is to devote one Month for each oil, however being that Frankincense is like the king of oils I may spend just a bit more time on this particular oil. Some of the key uses for Frankincense is to help your body take care of itself by aiding in respiratory issues, emotional needs, and also promotes wound healing as well as reducing inflammation. You can find out even more by going to doTerra's website. I use doTerra, I feel it is the best oil out there and Frankincense is definitely a family favorite!  In weeks to come I will share how  my family has benefited from the use of oils and also some ideas for share but for now I just want to share the joy I find in using oils! There's no doubt in my mind that essential oils are definitely a gift from God!
Make sure to check back as I plan to add even more information about Frankincense and also some  DIY projects that are not only great for personal use but make wonderful gifts too!
image of Frankincense from the following link:


  1. Love your new little parsley plant and the pot that it is in. Super awesome photo. Great Job. Parsley is known for it's amazing health benefits.. GOSH.. now I want a plant too. Good choice.

  2. Thank you, means a lot coming from a blogging pro like you!!