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Monday, January 30, 2017

Pretty excited about today! I was able to put together this little shelf and also do a little shabby chic decorating, With the help of my sister I realized I have always loved this kind of decor. So you can just imagine how my pinterest board is starting to overflow with all things shabby chic! Would like to give a shout out to Michael's they have a wonderful selection shabby chic decor! I was able to find the most perfect little tin for our parsley plant as soon as we were home my daughter made sure to get the chalk out and write the name of the plant on the chalk board label. I am thinking this will be the first of many adorable little tins. The indoor greenhouse area is coming along very well we have added a few more seeds and hope that soon we will be ale to start seeing the growth! So make sure you follow and come back often to see whats "popping" up around here!

After looking on google for another image of Frankincense, I came across this beautiful tree. If you ever wondered where Frankincense comes from well here is your answer. This tree is called Boswellia sacra and Boswellia carteri.  In order to get frankincense the sap from the tree needs to be extracted and harden which takes a few days. 
The Frankincense that I use is from doTerra, I have tried other brands but must say I find myself dedicated to the doTerra brand. So a shout out to doTerra for making one of the best essential oils available to use. Frankincense is uplifting, healing, and can also aid the body in reducing stretch marks, scarring, and acne, Using a diffuser and a few drops of Frankincense might possibly make your entire home feel relaxed and less stressed!


  1. Love your shabby chic decor♥ and the lesson on frankincense, never knew that's where it came from.. Good information here. Great job.

  2. I can not believe it took me so long to jump on the shabby chic train, I love it!!! Love Frankincense and everything that deals with it!